Few Words About The Sweet World Cakes

We are a local company from Spokane WA, that began with a goal to add value to people’s lives and establish something meaningful for this world. It all started with a penny and a dream!

Our Story

Established In 2019...

Hi, my name is Irina, I was a homestay mom and an enthusiast when it came to baking. I would constantly bake different types of sweets for my family members, my friends, and my fellow neighbors. Over time I began to create my recipes and perfecting ones from my family history that were passed on from generation to generation. That’s when I started to receive a lot of attention to my baking skills. Many people started to spread the word of my cakes, and my pies. As a homestay mom, I was happy to receive so much work and compliments towards my work. I was encouraged many times to open up my cake shop and from time to time I didn’t realize that something that I dreamed about would come to reality. Something that can make me happy and fulfill others. Since then I have been looking forward to expanding and bringing that happiness in the forms of cakes, pies, and mini-cakes to each-and-every person and their homes!

Traditional Way Of Baking

We are consistently looking forward to adding new European bakery, better our performance and décor of our cakes.

Recipes & Taste Is Unchanged

Taste is a must when it comes to the bakery. We are always up to discover new flavors, and ingredients that can outperform our originals to make the best out of every piece.


Cakes a week


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Happy reviews

Our Priorities

As a company, we are strictly focused on the satisfaction of our customers, but there are three more aspects that we include in our infinite improvement list:

Quality Product

Every cake has its own taste, look, and unique features, but the most important to us is the quality of the ingredients that we put into it.

On-Time Carry-Outs

Your time has a lot of value, and we want you to be confident in our service because we will make it “On Time”.

Affordable Prices

Our cakes are made to be affordable to anyone and we guarantee that they are worth their price.

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